Poorman Sues KDOC

As predicted, on January 18th Jim "The Poorman" Trenton and his attorney Brian D. Boydston filed suit against KDOC and its parent company Ellis Communications. The suit alleges breach of contract, and demands damages "in a sum according to proof at trial, but not less that $27,646" for revenues lost due to ads being pulled from the TV show Poorman's Bikini Beach, ads involving the adult DVD companies Landmark Video, Maximum Mojo, and genital wart removal specialist Dr. Jeffrey Lauber.

Curiously, the suit doesn't name KDOC's Bert Ellis specifically; rather, it names Ellis Communications and "DOES 1 through 10" [that's "Does" as a plural of "John Doe"]. Later in the suit, this is explained as "The true names and capacities of the Defendants sued herein as Does 1-10, inclusive, are currently unknown to Plaintiff who, therefore, sues these Defendants by such fictitious names." Asked to comment, Trenton claimed this is standard practice where the individual in question may have business partners involved in the issue.

KDOC has 30 days to respond or settle. Meanwhile, the Poorman's KRCA debut has been pushed back to February 4th, and they've apparently given him the go-ahead to plug porn and genital warts to his heart's content.

Once more, for good measure, here's that genital warts ad. If you owned a TV network, would you air it?


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