Cowboy fan Cole: This is a sneaky racist symbol and, besides, they beat my pokes twice last year
Cowboy fan Cole: This is a sneaky racist symbol and, besides, they beat my pokes twice last year

Politician Demands Washington Redskins Change Name But Ignores Other Offensive NFL Teams

Oklahoma Republican Congressman Tom Cole might be a mirror image of Orange County's blowhard Dana Rohrabacher: both are crafty, career politicians, who, depending on the day, flip-flop between conservatism and libertarianism to suit their own particular, political agendas.

Some days they despise government bureaucrats (and even more so: other politicians) lecturing private business owners about how to run their companies.

In his non-libertarian persona, Cole has been taking periodic leave of weighty economic, meteorological and national security concerns to try to force Daniel Snyder, private owner of the Washington Redskins, to change the team's name because he insists "Redskins" is equivalent to the "N" word.

If Cole, an admitted fan of Redskins' rival Dallas Cowboys, is sincere--and that's an open question, here's a list of other offensive NFL team names he can also campaign against:

New York Jets: Crime: Massive pollution causing machine Offended party: Environmentalists and climate-change advocates

Kansas City Chiefs: Crime: Elitism Offended party: Workers, underachieving people and individuals who shun lofty titles

New York Giants: Crime: Heightism Offended party: Children, Danny DeVito, Ed Royce and other little people

Houston Texans: Crime: Crappy president production Offended party: The world and future generations of humans

Tennessee Titans: Crime: Unjust wealth accumulation Offended party: The 99 percent

Jacksonville Jaguars: Crime: Genetically polluted mix from lion and tiger Offended party: Species purists like white supremacists

San Francisco 49ers: Crime: Ruthlessly unjust gold rush system Offended party: Chinese immigrants

Pittsburgh Steelers: Crime: Overabundance of construction Offended party: Rural proponents, wood product suppliers and plastic manufacturers

St. Louis Rams: Crime: Measure their maleness by the size of their horns Offended party: Undersized sheep

Cleveland Browns: Crime: Fashion violation Offended: Everyone who prefers black and Wayne Brady

Indianapolis Colts: Crime: Snobbery Offended party: Ponies and donkeys

Buffalo Bills: Crime: Serial killer of Bison Offended party: Native Americans

Detroit Lions: Crime: Animal kingdom homosexuality Offended party: God, The 700 Club and Lou Sheldon's Traditional Values Coalition

Dallas Cowboys: Crime: Sexism Offended party: Girls, transgender individuals, Hermaphrodites and real men

Oakland Raiders: Crime: Murder, rape, thievery and centuries of mayhem on the seas Offended party: Women, innocent sea merchants, sailors and anyone who isn't intoxicated

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