London and France seen? Check!
London and France seen? Check!

Police Seek Dude Who Gropes and Pulls Down Pants of Females From Behind in Tustin

Tustin Police are investigating a bizarre series of incidents since June where a man comes up behind a female or females, grabs their butts and in some cases pulls down their pants.

And he also, according to cops, at times apologizes as he runs away.

It is refreshing to find a polite groper these days.

"All six incidents have occurred mid-week in the morning or late evening hours," reads a statement from Tustin Police Lt. Paul Garaven. "Locations of the incidents have varied from apartment complexes to public sidewalks in the city."

The perv is described as white--possibly a light-skinned Latino--thin and age 18 to 20. He may also have a tattoo on one arm. In one incident, a vehicle associated with the dude was described as an older "boxy" black sedan.

Anyone with information that can help catch the guy or who believes he may have grabbed and handful of your ass and/or removed your pants is asked to contact Detective Natalie Nguyen at 714.573.3253.

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