Westminster police detective and rape suspect Anthony Nicholas Orban
Westminster police detective and rape suspect Anthony Nicholas Orban

Police Report Details Rape Allegations Against Westminster Police Detective

Anthony Nicholas Orban--a 30-year-old Irvine resident who served in the Marines, fought in the Iraq War and was recently promoted to detective in the Westminster Police Department--is one sick fuck, if the allegations contained in an Ontario police report are to be believed.

How sick?

Orban allegedly gagged a 25-year-old waitress he did not know with his fingers, choked her, repeatedly slapped and punched her, rubbed the woman's face with his pistol, put the barrel of the gun in her mouth, twice threatened to kill her, ordered her at gunpoint to give him oral sex and snapped several photos of her with his cell phone as he raped her.

Spotting a baby car seat in the back of the woman's car, Orban is also accused of asking about the victim's child and, after receiving a phone call in the middle of the hour-long attack, acting scared, telling the woman to get dressed and apologizing.

The details are contained in a police report obtained by reporter Will Bingham of the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.

According to the account, which is based on interviews with the victim, the suspects and police investigation:

  • Orban came to the Ontario apartment of Jeff Thomas Jelinek, his friend since high school, between 10 and 10:30 a.m. Saturday, April 3.
  • Jelinek, who is a Chino Men's Institution prison guard, ate lunch together at Chili's restaurant in Rancho Cucamonga, where they drank margaritas. Both had their service weapons with them.
  • Next, they went to Boston's restaurant on Fourth Street, where they shared a pitcher of beer before heading to GameWorks at the nearby Ontario Mills shopping mall, where they downed another pitcher.
  • They were standing in the parking lot outside Dave & Buster's, which is also in the mall and where the 25-year-old woman was finishing her four-hour waitressing shift around 5:15 p.m.
  • Orban decided they should "go meet this chick." But, after catching a glimpse of the pair out of the corner of her eye, she paid little attention to them and texted as she walked to her car. 
  • After she unlocked her SUV with a keyless remote and started to enter the driver's side front door, she heard the passenger side door open.
  • She looked up to see Orban point a silver handgun at her and order her into the car.
  • Jelinek asked his friend what he was doing, and Orban replied not to worry about it.
  • The woman told Orban he could have anything he wanted if he would let her go, but he replied, "Just drive."
  • He told her to drive toward her home, which she informed was in the High Desert.
  • Driving north on the 15 Freeway, Orban told the woman he was going to let her go, getting her to exit the freeway at Base Line Road.
  • Driving east on Base Line into Fontana, they parked in front of a self-storage facility.
  • With his handgun in his lap, he asked the woman about her child, having noticed a child's car seat in the back seat, and other personal details. He smiled while she answered and asked if she was scared. He also said he had one thing to do before she could go.
  • Orban ordered the woman to perform oral sex on him, then ordered her into the back seat, where he joined her by climbing between the two front seats.
  • He ordered her to undress, then raped her for about an hour.
  • At times during the assault, he stopped to play with his service revolver and take photos with his cell phone. Before taking one photo, he told the woman to smile.
  • "Look what I'm doing," read the text message under one photo police later retrieved. 
  • Orban received a phone call during the assault, and whatever the person on the other end was saying, it seemed to scare the cop.
  • He asked the woman where they were and why she wasn't wearing any clothes.
  • He told her to put her clothes on and apologized.
  • Once she got dressed, he stuck his fingers in the woman's throat and gagged and choked her.
  • As he got distracted by his phone, she fled to a nearby liquor store and told employees to call police.
  • Orban called Jelinek and had him pick him up and a nearby gas station. He took the woman's car keys.
  • But Orban left his gun, which has his name engraved on it, in the woman's car.
  • Orban told Jelinek to erase the messages on his cell phone.
  • When he was interviewed after his arrest, Orban claimed he didn't remember the incident.
  • At the time of his arrest, Jelinek had the keys to the woman's car.

Orban and Jelinek have pleaded not guilty to the laundry list of criminal charges filed against them and have asked that their respective $2 million bails be reduced. They could get life in prison if convicted.

The Ontario Police Department, which feared the pair could be tied to other attacks, issued a public plea for information after the arrests of Orban and Jelikek. That has produced at least one promising investigative lead to another incident, according to police.

Orban's arrest has deflated morale within the Westminster Police Department, according to an Orange County Register report. Police Chief Mitch Waller says in the piece that Orban, who has been placed on paid administrative leave, had always been a good officer with an exemplary record.

Waller revealed his department is now investigating allegations that Orban had an extramarital affair with a department dispatcher.

Westminster police were tipped to the possible affair by Ontario police.


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