Pissed-Off Teachers Can Really Stop Traffic

California law mandates that school districts notify teachers and administrators about possible layoffs for the following school year by a certain date. This year's deadline is Sunday and, facing uncertain financial futures, many districts are issuing pink slips. Once the numbers are crunched, many who get them will likely be rehired in June, but who wants to get a stupid pink slip in the first place?

The California Teachers Association (CTA) certainly does not wish them on its membership. With the number of possibly laid off soaring past 20,000 teachers this go-round, "Pink Friday" demonstrations will be held up and down the state, from CTA headquarters in Burlingame to a busy corner in Huntington Beach. This Friday, members of West Orange County United Teachers--a coalition of the Huntington Beach Elementary Teachers Association, District Educators Association and Ocean View Teachers Association--join district administrators in wearing black and pink t-shirts all day. That should make them stand out as they march beginning at 3:30 p.m. from Ocean View High School at 17071 Gothard St., Huntington Beach, to the corner of Warner Avenue and Beach Boulevard, where they will hold a rally before passing motorists. Honk if you love gym class.


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