Piss and Fluoride; one, two knockout combo for dental health

Orange County scored an article in the New York Times today on the planned November 30 unveiling of its glorious world’s largest plant devoted to "purifying sewer water to increase drinking water supplies."

For decades, water agencies all over the country have purified sewer water and dumped it back into rivers or used it for irrigation, but the water district's new facility in Fountain Valley will be one of only about a dozen nationwide converting reclaimed water for, ehem, drinking, according to the NYT. The system has been under construction for six years and is estimated to provide more than 23 billion gallons of water each year.

This must be another attempt by the wise elders of the county to provide greater dental health to residents. It is well-known (and readily backed up by Wikipedia) that during the Renaissance, drinking piss was a popular way to whiten one's teeth. Combine that with the cavity-fighting Fluoride infusion being dumped into the water currently and we'll have the best choppers in the nation. Think of all the money we'll save on toothpaste and dental insurance!


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