Pickup Truck Painted with "It's Hasta La Vista Time in Arizona" to Celebrate SB 1070--Silly Know Nothing!

Two days ago, the Supreme Court issued a ruling on the constitutionality of Arizona's reprehensible SB 1070 that mostly gutted the anti-Mexican ordnance and left the Know Nothing crowd desperately trying to claim it as a victory.

That's happening in Orange County as well, as local artist Victor Payan found recently near the beach, in what we can only imagine being Huntington Beach. There, he found a truck whose back was painted with a love letter to Mexicans: "IT'S HASTA LA VISTA TIME! THANK YOU, SUPREME COURT!"

Photo in 3, 2, 1...

Silly gabas!
Silly gabas!
Victor Payan for Pocho.com

First reported by Pocho.com, this shows again how silly OC Know Nothings are. Now excuse me while I sneak in another batch of cousins from the rancho...

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