Pick the Next State Coastal Commissioner

With former Huntington Beach City Councilwoman Shirley Dettloff leaving the California Coastal Commission, many names are being bandied about to replace her. The chart below breaks down some candidates against our nominee, "Cappy" the Capybara.

NAME: Debbie Cook RESIDENCE: Huntington Beach TITLE: city councilwoman REPUTATION FOR: tireless environmental activism BIGGEST CLAIM TO FAME: helping sink the Sanitation District's dumping waiver
NAME: Toni Iseman RESIDENCE: Laguna Beach TITLE: mayor REPUTATION FOR: being mostly enviro-friendly BIGGEST CLAIM TO FAME: lone council dissent on Treasure Island
NAME: Chris Mears RESIDENCE: Irvine TITLE: city councilman REPUTATION FOR: defending homeless, Larry Agran BIGGEST CLAIM TO FAME: trading El Toro Airport for a Great Business Park
NAME: Jim Silva RESIDENCE:Huntington Beach TITLE:Orange County supervisor REPUTATION FOR: being dumb as a stump BIGGEST CLAIM TO FAME: being dumb as a stump
NAME: Tom Wilson RESIDENCE: Laguna Niguel TITLE: Orange County supervisor REPUTATION FOR: tireless mega-developer activism BIGGEST CLAIM TO FAME:mega-polluted "Lake Wilson"
NAME: Cappy RESIDENCE: Santa Ana Zoo TITLE: capybara REPUTATION FOR: overeating (many reach up to 100 pounds), basking in the sun BIGGEST CLAIM TO FAME: largest of all living rodents, smarter than at least one OC supervisor

—Matt Coker

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