Photo of Orange Bishop Tod Brown Being Made to Wait Outside Restrooms at LA Cathedral!

While the Orange County Register does the bidding of the Diocese of Orange by reporting without skepticism on their plans to push forward with the long-delayed Christ Our Savior Cathedral, we prefer the clandestine and thus present a photo of Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown being made to wait at Our Lady Queen of Angels Cathedral in Los Angeles for--what? His meal to go down? His bathroom buddy? An audience with the only bigger pedophile apologist in Southern California, Cardinal Roger Mahony? From our source:

As I was walking through the covered lot, I noticed a pale, flabby, poorly dressed man in front of me, surrounded by a couple of "handlers."

Lo and behold, it was our own Tod Brown - in his civilian clothes - hanging out in LA.

The funny part is that he was forced to stand there, by the bathrooms, for about 20 minutes before his escort took him into the office upstairs.

I would have said "hi!" ... but I left my pepto at home.

Heckuva job, Brownie!


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