Phony Products Grow in Garden Grove

Phony Products Grow in Garden Grove

Federal and local officials swooped down on several Southern California locations to arrest 30 people and seize dodgy DVDs, phony jewelry, fake designer clothing and other items over the past week.

The 47,000 goods confiscated had a total suggested retail price of more than $12 million.

Yes, Orange County also got in on the action, Ms. Sticky Fingers!

See what Department of Homeland Security investigators seized here, after the jump . . .

"[F]our knockoff iPhones from a Garden Grove business," reports the San Jose Mercury News.

No wonder my iPhone never rings!

And here I thought it didn't work because I left it in the pocket of my grubbies in the washer again.

See, honey, those live hooker chat calls are logged on there because it's fake.

If they were 3G's, was a crime really committed?

If they were linked to a T-Mobile plan, again I must ask, was a crime really committed?

The largest haul of bogus merchandise came from a warehouse in the Santee Alley shopping district in downtown LA--home of the fences.

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