Phony Americans Continue Obama Birth Deception!

The Obama Birth Deception gained another victory today when officials in Hawaii, the so-called 50th state of the union, declared that U.S. usurper Barack "Hussein" Obama really was born in Honolulu in 1961 and thus really is an American citizen. AP reported that story today, in keeping with the liberal media's tradition of allowing this Muslim usurper to hasten the apocalypse that will destroy America.

Other news sources throughout the land have picked up on this terrible setback for the truth--namely that Obama was born somewhere else, like Africa, or Indonesia or worse, John McCain's homeland of Panama, but not a single one of them have mentioned the widely known fact that Hawaii is not a real state.

That's right, people. Hawaii is not part of the United States. By contrast, Alaska is a snowy suburb of Minnesota where people are probably more American than anywhere else, what with their big moose guns and hunting lodges and grizzled lumberjacks who race dogs. Hawaii on the other hand is an exotic, faraway land, an independent kingdom where people wear flowers around their necks and walk around saying strange things like "aloha" and "mahalo," "Shaka!" and  "This Maui Wowie is da kine!"

Therefore, these so-called state officials in Hawaii who claim they've viewed Obama's birth certificate have no business talking about America's internal affairs. And that birth announcement in the local Honolulu paper mentioning Obama's birth there--what was intended to be a clever plan to provide a phony birth cover-story four decades later--is totally irrelevant, since Hawaii isn't part of the U.S. When will the deception end, folks? Stay tuned. The Weekly promises to bring more updates of this important cover-up. Questions are already being raised as to whether Hawaii actually exists or if it is in reality a mythical island on television where a smoke creature and polar bears chase a group of scrupulously groomed castaways through the jungle.  


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