Peter Garcia
Peter Garcia

Peter Garcia and Virginia Kay Furr-Garcia Get 4 Years for Stealing $350k from His 91 y.o. Mom

Peter Garcia, 70, and his 50-year-old ex-wife Virginia Kay Furr-Garcia were recently sentenced to four years in state prison for stealing nearby $360,000 from his 91-year-old mother.

The couple was still married and the matriarch was 89 at the time the San Clemente residents looted her annuity funds, which they used for bills, groceries and utilities while dear old mom was left unable to pay for her room in a nursing home.

Peter Garcia and Ex Virginia Kay Furr-Garcia Guilty of Stealing $350k From His 91-year-old Mom

Virginia Furr-Garcia
Virginia Furr-Garcia

The Garcias were looking at maximum six-year prison stretches following their convictions in February. A jury found them each guilty of felony grand theft, conspiracy to defraud another of property, conspiracy to commit forgery, and theft from an elder with sentencing enhancements for property loss more than $200,000 and aggravated white-collar crime more than $100,000.

When the old lady could not pay her bills at an assisted-living facility, she discovered she'd been cleaned out and contacted the Orange County Sheriff's Department, which arrested the Garcias in August 2012.

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