PETA Tee Prefers Breasts Over Animal Testing

PETA Tee Prefers Breasts Over Animal Testing

We all know PETA is no stranger to using "edgy" marketing campaigns, showcasing naked (and half-naked) women to trumpet their cause--see our recent slightly NSFW Ringling Bros. protest slideshow here--but some think their priorities are a little misaligned, worthy cause or not.

Check out PETA's latest offering from their catalog: The "Breasts Not Animal Tests" tank, $24. The product description reads:

"You probably already know that peta2 loves animals. But did you know that we also love boobies? What's not to love, right? That's why Keep A Breast and peta2 have come together to bring you an awesome new tank top with a very important message: "Breasts, Not Animal Tests!"

We all know that breast cancer is a serious disease that affects most of us in some way (either personally or through someone we know), but did you know that it also affects animals?

It's true. Monkeys, rats, mice, rabbits, cats, dogs, and other animals often suffer and die because of horrific tests that are conducted in the name of breast cancer 'research.' Besides being cruel, the 'research' is also ineffective. Former National Cancer Institute Director Dr. Richard Klausner has stated, 'The history of cancer research has been the history of curing cancer in the mouse. We have cured mice of cancer for decades, and it simply didn't work in humans.'"

Coming from an organization that once shrink wrapped nauseous interns in 80-plus degree weather for World Vegetarian Week--in addition to that whole objectification of women thing, obviously--many are calling shenanigans. We're guessing that might include the 186,467 women and 1,764 men diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 alone.


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