Pervy Teacher Incident of the Day: Orthodontic Exposure
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Pervy Teacher Incident of the Day: Orthodontic Exposure

When news broke of an Anaheim teacher molesting students earlier this week, we had no choice but to go with the headline "Oh Look, Another Teacher-Student Sex Crime." This sort of thing seems to happen a lot in Orange County, see. But we're running out of ways to communicate that via headline.

This time, there's no student involved. And at least the guy had the decency to (allegedly) whip his pencil out in venues that weren't classrooms.

Mark Gerard Petras, 42, teaches at Serrano Intermediate School in Lake Forest. He used to teach at Mission Viejo High School. He's being arraigned today on two counts of indecent exposure and one count of false imprisonment.

Here's what he allegedly did, according to the DA's office:

On Aug. 24, 2009, Petrash is accused of taking his son to an orthodontist appointment. His son went in to see the orthodontist and Petrash waited in the empty reception room.  While alone in the waiting room, the defendant is accused of standing up, pulling up his shorts, and exposing his penis to orthodontic receptionist Jane Doe #1 while holding it out the leg of his shorts...

...After viewing the media coverage of the arrest of Petrash, Jane Doe #2, a teacher in the same school district as the defendant, came forward to police. On the night of May 8, 2009, Petrash is accused of attending a Saddleback Valley Unified School District event. He is accused of following Jane Doe #2 into a hotel restroom and entering her restroom stall. Petrash is accused of standing between the victim and the door and exposing and rubbing his penis. He is accused of putting his finger over his mouth, indicating that Jane Doe #2 should be quiet. The victim was able to escape from the restroom stall.


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