Peepee Match Between John Manly, Jubal On!

Today, Judge Gail Andler refused to dismiss a contempt-of-court motion filed against Diocese of Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown by his longtime nemesis, John Manly for the recently settled Jeff Andrade case. Read more about the hearing in this Thursday's issue of the paper--for this post, I'll discuss a quien-es-más-macho incident that happened before Judge Andler's court went into session.

Manly associate Vince Finaldi set his suitcase in Judge Andler's courtroom a bit before 9 a.m. He went outside to take a call. Just as he left the courtroom, in came Matt (a.k.a Jubal) Cunningham, the man behind OC Blog and a fierce Manly critic. Cunningham sat next to where Finaldi was sitting. Neither knew who the other was--or so it seemed.

When Manly came into the courtroom, Finaldi pointed out Cunningham. Manly told Cunningham, "Hey Matt, want to go see the files?" Manly was referring to the thousands of pages of priestly personnel files that show diocesan complicity in the rapes of innocents.

"Not today," Cunningham replied.

"That's what I thought," Manly chortled back.

"I do have a job," Cunningham shot back.

"We all know what that is," Manly said knowingly.

"And what is that?" Cunningham asked.

Back and forth this pissing match went, until Manly basically dared Cunningham to go to his office tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. and see all the documents; Cunningham said yes. Manly then looked at me.

"Are you going to be there to make sure he arrives?" he asked. Reading about the Dallas Cowboys' thrilling comeback, I demurred, stating it was a matter between them. And that's when the conversation turned weirder, with Cunningham asking if Manly would make their meeting "another media event" and Manly telling Cunningham, "How about we make a Mass out of it? How about we offer Communion?"

Now, boys. We like the both of you, although we think Cunningham doth defend pedophile protectors too much. But sling your schlongs back into your loincloths, and make that appointment (now scheduled for Friday, per Manly). Afterwards, let your respective spin start anew.


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