Pedro Castillo-Sanchez Touches Boy's Penis, Jerks Off in Front of Him ... and Gets 3 Years

We told you in March that a condom tossed out a car parked in the Northgate Market lot on West McFadden Avenue near Bristol Street in Santa Ana led to the arrest of a man for touching an 8-year-old boy's penis and removing his pants and jerking off in front of the kid.

Now it has led to 35-year-old Pedro Castillo-Sanchez winning a trip to state prison for three years and lifetime registration as a sex offender.

Castillo-Sanchez knew the boy and his mother, all of whom resided in a St. Andrew Place apartment complex in Santa Ana. The man drove the lad to the Northgate parking lot before ordering the youngster to pull down his pants. When the boy did not comply, Castillo-Sanchez pulled the pants down himself and touched his penis. When the boy began screaming, Castillo-Sanchez pulled down his own pants, placed the condom over his penis and began masturbating.

Someone passing by in the store parking lot saw the condom hit the ground, looked into the car and recognized both Castillo-Sanchez and the boy. Santa Ana Police were then called to Northgate, but by then the man was gone. He had briefly returned to the apartments, where he argued with the boy's mother, after the youngster had informed her of the assault. Castillo-Sanchez was finally arrested late that night at a nearby residence on West Myrtle Street.

Pedro Castillo Sanchez's Tossed Condom Leads to Arrest for Allegedly Molesting 8 y.o. Boy

Castillo-Sanchez pleaded guilty to one felony count of lewd acts with a child under 14 with a sentencing enhancement allegation of substantial sexual conduct with a child. .

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