Clancy: Now follow me here....
Clancy: Now follow me here....

Pedophile: Logically Impossible I Repeatedly Molested The Orange County Boy

Santa Ana motel manager John William Clancy, a pedophile, wants out of prison because, he insists, his sex crimes convictions don't make sense.

Housed now in the soothing California confines of Mule Creek State Prison in Ione--a place once known as "Bed-Bug," Clancy has sought confirmation of his beliefs from a judge, jury and appellate justices.

This month, U.S. District Court Judge Margaret M. Morrow became the latest person to reject the 65-year-old's claim.

According to prosecutors in the Orange County District Attorney's office, Clancy repeatedly molested a teenage boy who eventually turned to illegal narcotics for escapism and told his father of the abuse.

But Clancy, who says that the boy's stories were fabricated, argues that the blatant proof he is innocent is found in the fact that he drove the kid to several therapy sessions with a licensed professional. Psychologists are mandated to report allegations of sexual abuse to authorities. Clancy says adults, such as himself, know this mandatory requirement and if he had actually molested the kid he would have been nuts to take him to therapy sessions where his crimes could be exposed.

Perhaps because prosecutors and cops found a second molested boy nobody's buying his logic.

Upshot: Clancy--whose MO consisted of befriending parents and then showering kids with food, video games, marijuana and pornographic movies--will continue to serve his stiff sentence of 100 years to life in the slammer.

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