Pedo-Priest Gus Krumm Fighting to Keep His Personnel Files Personal

If you want to fight for the side of truth and justice, join members of SNAP (Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests) this Sunday around 8:30 in the morn as they distribute fliers outside Sts. Simon and Jude Catholic Church in Huntington Beach. They'll alert parishioners about what Diocese of Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown never bothered to do: that someone recently filed a lawsuit against admitted pedo-priest Gus Krumm, a Franciscan (pedo-friar?) who served for years at the parish during the late 1990s.

Those parishioners should also know that Krumm is furiously fighting to keep secret his personnel files, the reams of documents kept on all Catholic priests and orderlies that have shown again and again how church leaders actively protected pedophiles at the expense of innocents. The court battle isn't happening in Los Angeles, though; it's taking place in Los Angeles Superior Court, site of a 2006 settlement between victims of Franciscans at St. Antonthy's Seminary in Santa Barbara and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles (administrator over Catholic life in Santa Barbara County). The release of personnel files were agreed to by the Franciscan order as part of the settlement, but individual pedo-priests were allowed to contest their files--with the legal help of the Franciscans.

A judge ruled against Krumm and his pedo-pals in April, but the case is still in appeal. God knows what horrors lie in those files...but, in the short term, protest against Brownie this Sunday for full transparency in his laugher of a regime.


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