Pat Boone Jumps Aboard Orly Taitz's Birther Crazy Train

Pat Boone, obviously wanting to have something more embarrassing on his resume when he retires from the singing stage than having kept Wally George on the air as station owner of KDOC/Channel 56 for years, has now jumped about "Birther Queen" Orly Taitz's crazy train. See the photo of the conjoined Birthers at the end of this post--after checking out snippets from a San Francisco Chronicle interview where the remaker of Little Richard songs for lilly white audiences of the 1950s says President Barack Obama's birth certificate was a photoshopped fraud.

Here's the Chron's video ...

In case you couldn't hear it clearly over the din, Boone booms:

"I was in Kenya about a year and a half ago and everybody there says, 'You know he was born here.' Why else would he be hiding all his records? He's spending millions of dollars so we do not have his records. And experts have already looked at and been able to verify that this long form document is a fraud. It was photoshopped."


"Growing up in Indonesia, he used to read the Koran in Arabic. So that was instilled in him as a young boy...he hasn't celebrated any Christian holidays in the White House, but he does Ramadan."

Hey, wasn't "Ramadana-ding-dong" in a doo-wop ditty Patsy stole from the darkies?

Boone went on to claim the media is ignoring the issue, which brings a tear to this reporter's eye because it means he hasn't read any of the 2,063 posts I've done on Orly and her Birther quest.

Sure enough, Boone and Taitz were together recently in Beverly Hills, according to the good dentist/lawyer/real-estate saleslady's website (see photo below).

By the way, Obama released his short-form birth certificate in 2008 and his long-form birth certificate back in April of this year--surely out of the blue and not because of any nagging questions from the sleeping media.

Boone has said he's retiring in a couple months, which can't come soon enough fo' sho'.

Here's that photo from

"Is it getting white out here, or is it just us?"
"Is it getting white out here, or is it just us?"

Wally George and Orly: now there would have been a power couple.


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