Pastor Rick Finds It Chilly in D.C.


Following up on Gustavo's thoughts here: CNN pundit Roland Martin (loved his show, Laugh-In) had this to say about Saddleback Church pastor Rick Warren:

"There were not many people clapping when his name was announced."

That was right after another CNN pundit observed that those waving goodbye to the helicopter carrying Dubya were not so much saying goodbye as, "See ya." The reporter probably would have added "Don't let the White House door hit you in the ass" if he only could.

Back to the good man of God, Liza Porteus Viana of AOL News' Political Machine blog counted 10 people in the crowd of millions clapping when Warren was introduced. She goes on to cite a new poll that shows most Americans either approved of Warren giving the invocation or do not know who Rick Warren is. Viana said all Warren did was pray and some seemed moved.

Reviews of Warren's performance are coming in. As would be expected, liberal blogger d-day thought Warren ruined a perfectly good day, while the Weekly Standard's Mary Katharine Ham concluded no big whoop. But David Waters writes on Newsweek's On Faith blog that Warren's choice of words, especially the use of Jesus in a few translations, may have been offensive to Jews, Muslims, Catholics and nonbelievers.

Waters asks readers what they think. Out of 32 comments as this is pounded out, 10 were from people who said Warren had not offended them and two said they were offended. Many commenters did not indicate whether they were put off, and a couple just took pot shots at one another. Other words folks used to describe Warren or his invocation included "worrisome," "too evangelical," "hypocritical," "broad," "divisive," "banal and long," "disappointing," "thoughtful and inspiring," "narrow and sincere" and "delusional." One comment was left in either Latin or Spanish so I haven't a clue as to that take.

So, nonbelievers, were you offended? Readers of pharyngula ("Evolution, development, and random biological ejaculations from a godless liberal") were mostly okay with Warren, but gave Obama huzzahs for acknowledging "nonbelievers," even if they don't agree with that label being applied to them. Their comments were left under a post about an American Humanist Association ad that congratulates Obama for attaining the presidency while coming from a non-religious household.


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