Parade of Cross-Dressing Brides To Invade Long Beach

Now who says we don't provide you with news you can use? If you've always secretly wished you could dress--or cross-dress--in a tacky wedding gown and parade around the streets of Long Beach to demystify the wedding as a manufactured fairytale, this party is for you.

Brides of March is happening on March 31. Therefore you have two weeks to get a thrift-store wedding dress, chop it up so it fits (there's a how-to guide here) and practice your strut. The parade begins at noon at Shannon's on Pine and will make its way through bars, landmarks and parks.

A bit about the origin of the event:

Michele Michele got the idea for this annual gathering at a San Francisco thrift store in 1999. "I saw a rack of used wedding dresses and  realized how often the dreams of an idea marriage had failed and how so much of this dream has been fabricated in order to fuel the ever-increasing consumption of new products."

Do you want to spend a day boozing in lace and tulle while bringing forth a social message?

Say, "I do."   

Event details here.

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