Agran: OC's biggest unindicted scoundrel?
Agran: OC's biggest unindicted scoundrel?

Paper Further Exposes More Dirt On Larry Agran's Political Machine in Irvine

​Is there more evidence that slimy Irvine political boss Larry Agran is a criminal?

According to an online column published tonight by Orange County Register columnist Frank Mickadeit, that scenario might be the case.

Mickadeit reports that local folks tied to sweetheart business deals at the Orange County Great Park, where Agran just stepped down as chairman, gave at least $174,500 in the last election to a political action committee based in Burbank. So what? Well, that group may have then funneled the money back to Irvine to quietly benefit Agran's 2010 re-election efforts.
That Agran, a Democrat, is a flaming hypocrite is certainly not news. He is, after all, the politician who created campaign contribution limits in Irvine and expects opposing Republican candidates to adhere to them while he routinely violates not just limitations but the principle that voters should know the true sources of money spent in elections.

Why would anyone bother with a third-rate hack of a politician who graduated from the Dick Nixon School of Ethics? Well, Agran controls Orange County's largest public works project, the scandal-ridden $1.6 billion great park scheme and has proven that those who reward his campaigns reap incredibly generous, no-bid financial benefits from the public park agency. 

Read Mickadeit's column HERE and my most recent look at Agran's warped public enterprises HERE.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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