Owen Youngman on Brother Randy, Axed Reg Sportswriter

As we reported yesterday, veteran sports columnist Randy Youngman was among nine  five staffers (damn, gotta pay attention to the boss's updates) laid off by the Orange County Register. Four empty positions won't be filled.  

Longtime readers of Youngman enjoyed his "Pickin' and Grinnin'" contests, but I always fancied his jabs at Keith Olbermann

From an Aug. 18, 2009 column: "Like an ulcer that keeps coming back, Brett Favre won't go away. That might sound harsh, but at least I didn't compare him to herpes or to Keith Olbermann."

Youngman's tangles with Olbermann dated back to the era when the leftist polluted local TV news.

Youngman's older brother,


, a knight professor of digital media strategy at the

Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University

, has posted a nice piece on the

"Younger Youngman"

at his blog: 

"Randy's deeply sourced, carefully wordsmithed columns about Orange County teams and Orange County players and Orange County golf made for satisfying reading in the print newspaper, and connected viscerally with a community that turned to the Register as a better way to understand that milieu than any alternative, past or present." 

Indeed. Read the full post here.


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