Overheard in Orange County: "You rump ranger!"

Thursday night outside my HB apartment balcony: one neighbor attacks another loud enough for all to hear . . .

"I've seen you and your cute young blond boyfriend, always running around naked in your living room. There are children here! You, you're not a real man! I've seen you with your eyes as wide as saucers! And your eyeliner! You rump ranger! You're not a real man! You and your . . . your lifestyle, you're living a lie! You liar! Living a lie! You and your eyeliner!"

Half an hour later, the cops show up. Time to make popcorn.

Side note: This is from the same chick who is always screaming at her husband for being a racist. "This isn't Costa Mesa 1970!!!" she yells in the wee hours of the morn. No need for an alarm clock in these parts.


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