Overheard in Orange County

Bribing your child, Huntington Beach style:

The scene: A nail shop run by cheerful, chatty Vietnamese ladies. A large white mother and her two daughters — one in her 20s, one probably 12 — sit in the spa chairs getting pedicures. A little white dog lounges on mom's lap.

12-year-old to Mom: I don't wanna go to that thing later. Mom: But I want you to go. 12-year-old: But I don't wanna. Mom: But I want you to. 12-year-old: No. Mom: $40. I'll give you $40 to go. I want you to be there. 12-year-old: *ignores Mom and instructs the lady doing her nails to paint three flowers onto her larger toes* Mom: Honey . . . 12-year-old: $60.

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