"No, like, dude, don't date no white girls. They're, like, plain. You know? They have no spice like a Mexican girl. I'm not trying to use stereotypes. (Silence.) Uh-huh, uh-huh. (Silence.) No, I know she's hot. I know. (Silence.) But white girls are, like, individualistic. I'm a family guy. We are family people. We love our families. They don't. (Silence.) No, I'm not using no stereotypes, but white girls, uh, they ain't got no spice and, I mean, we all like to shop, but they really do. (Silence.) I'd just tell her that you want to be friends. (Silence.) All I'm saying is that you'd be better off dating just Mexican girls."

Overheard in OC: "Don't Date No White Girl"

--Word for word recounting 20 minutes into a Mexican American community college student's 30 minute cell phone conversation as he sat next to me in a Santa Ana coffee shop this afternoon.


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