Out On The Streets It's A Weird War

Noted crackpot/cassandra Ian Svenonius did an interview with me last year that got buried alive in the music section, as do all things in the music section, but since being buried alive is much on my mind today I thought I would go back and dig it up. Spiv quotes a lot of classics--anyone familiar with his discography or his famous Sassiest Boy In America win back in like '90 won't be surprised--and it's hard to just pick one teaser, but let's go with...

Everything good about this country is being wrecked. At one point, Americans were envied: we were free of the class stratification that haunted the old world. We were glamorous. We ate well. We were handsome and dashing! [Laughs] That's all been squandered because of the greed of multinational corporations who decided to feed people Twinkies.

And let's have you finish it yourself right here. Lots of talk on our draggy times, and not much on music cuz who cares? And if you are into what Mr. Psychic Soviet has to say maybe you can follow-up study here. Sorry but even armchair apocalypse-calling has to come with a little commercial at the end.


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