'OSAMA FOREVER!' Graffiti Surfaces on the 405 in Westminster

Putting a thorn of shock and bafflement into this decidedly "good day for America," some party-foulin' mystery tagger decided to blast a local freeway wall with a seemingly pro-terrorist declaration. 

"OSAMA FOREVER!" was scribed in black spray paint this morning along the 405 Freeway in Westminster, near Springdale Street. It was accompanied by a small "RIP" and an upside-down American flag, captioned "UNAMERICAN." Thankfully, the graffiti was being removed around 9:30 a.m. by a Caltrans maintenance worker, L.A. Now reports. Authorities will investigate if more information is discovered. 

'OSAMA FOREVER!' Graffiti Surfaces on the 405 in Westminster

Sam Gangwer, The Orange County Register

The Orange County Register has more photos. 

Though like the folks at LA Weekly, we, too, are puzzled by semantics. The phrase could possibly be read as a single phrase--"RIP OSAMA FOREVER," as in "He's gone forever!" or possibly even Rest In Piss forever.     

Yeah, doubt it. More hate in OC! Grand. 

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