Ortega Highway Husband-Wife Murder to be Featured on Discovery Channel

Investigation Discovery's new true-crime documentary series "Unusual Suspects" focuses on crimes committed by people you wouldn't expect to commit crimes. Like illegal immigrants! Just kidding, we're talking about characters like the "All-American boy next door." Or in the case of the series premier, we're talking about a well-heeled, Orange County married couple. 

Apparently, there was a point in time when rich-person-on-rich-person crime was considered unexpected.

The episode that kicks off the series next Monday on Investigation Discovery ("America's leading investigation network," supposedly?) at 7 p.m. features the case of Huntington Beach's

Ken and Carolyn Stahl

, who were discovered shot on the side of the Ortega Highway in 1999. At the time, the murders grabbed headlines for the way they revealed a web of affairs, hired killers and other pre-

Desperate Housewives


Read up in this Time.com article about the couples' death--featuring the hacky "Orange County Confidential" headline-- so that you can check the facts when you watch the show, waiting for the killer to be finally revealed as an illegal immigrant choir boy Nobel laureate police officer. Wait, one of those things does not belong!

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