Orly Taitz's Santa Ana Lawsuit Really, Officially, Finally Dead

The lawsuit that Orly Taitz filed on the date of Barack Obama's inauguration has finally been lain to rest forever--we think.

Judge David O. Carter dismissed the case in October, but that didn't stop Taitz from filing a motion for reconsideration. It was denied. She then asked for a clarification for the denial of that reconsideration. The clarification came, saying, yes, it really was denied and yes, the case really was dismissed. And then, Taitz filed a motion asking to move the lawsuit's venue from Santa Ana to Washington D.C.

Yesterday, Carter issued an order from his chambers: "As this case has been dismissed as to all claims with prejudice, meaning that there is no longer any action pending before this Court, the Motion to Transfer is DENIED."

Taitz seems to have finally taken the hint. On her blog, she posted a one-sentence update: "Carter denied transfer, a new case is being prepared in a different court."

So the fun will continue. Just not in an Orange County courtroom.

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