Orly Taitz Wants to Verify Clarence Thomas's Signature

Ever notice that the biggest conspiracy theorists are also the biggest skeptics? Laguna Niguel's birther leader Orly Taitz's application to the Supreme Court, seeking to nullify $20,000 in penalties levied upon her by a federal judge, was denied last week. Some people might have simply accepted such a denial. Taitz, though, wants corroboration that Justice Clarence Thomas was actually the one to sign the dismissal. 

In a motion posted on her website and supposedly sent to Chief Justice John Roberts, Taitz requests to schedule an appointment time for her to come by the Supreme Court with a forensic documents expert to check out Thomas's signature. She, naturally, ties this application up with her year-and-a-half-old belief that clerks attempted to delete her original anti-Obama lawsuit from the high court's docket.

In the points and authorities section of the latest motion, she writes, "Taitz cannot provide any points and authorities, as nothing like that ever happened in the Supreme Court and Taitz is requesting your Honor to review the above Motion as the matter of first impression."

The insinuation that Thomas's signature isn't valid follows Taitz's campaign to prove Barack Obama's presidency isn't valid, as well as her recent lawsuit alleging that the candidacy of California Secretary of State wannabe Damon Dunn isn't valid. All three of these men must have something in common. Any guesses?

In other news, Taitz won't be appearing on Wife Swap anytime soon, she says.


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