Orly Taitz Wants to Sue for Gen. McChrystal, Testify Against Elena Kagan
Christopher Victorio / OC Weekly

Orly Taitz Wants to Sue for Gen. McChrystal, Testify Against Elena Kagan

On the heels of her failed bid to become the Republican nominee for Secretary of State, Orange County's top birther and not-top dentist Orly Taitz has kept up her fervent blogging. 

The theme of late seems to be Taitz wondering aloud about which soon-to-be-historical events she should crash so as to solidify her status as the Forrest Gump of the Obama age.

Yes, Orly Taitz reads the news.

First, she was hoping to testify at the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. As solicitor general, Kagan was among the scores of public officials that Taitz tried to notify about Barack Obama's many (imaginary) crimes. Kagan did nothing; ipso facto, she's involved in a fraudulent cover-up that only Taitz can reveal:

My great uncle was a translator at the Nurenberg trials. He also spoke 5 languages and did simultaneous translations. It took some time to gather evidence for Nurenberg trials. We are now gathering evidence for Washington Obama fraud trials (possibly treason trials). I have evidence showing that Elena Kagan had knowledge of Obama committing Social Security fraud, she was silent and covered it up. It is material for her Supreme court confirmation hearing. Please, send this to your senators, there has to be one senator out of a 100, who is not corrupt, who has some backbone and other necessary parts to let me speak.

"Necessary parts?"  That's actually kind of funny.

Taitz has also been pining for recently sacked U.S. general Stanley McChrystal to give her a call. She says that McCrystal is a "perfect plaintiff to expose Obama's lack of legitimacy," and that he "needs to file a legal action, seeking compensations, as he was pressured to resign by one who is illegally occupying the position of the commander in chief."

Arizona's also been on her mind. She endorsed J.D. Hayworth, the Republican radio host challenging John McCain for his senate seat. Hayworth has flirted with birtherism in the past, but now denounces it. Taitz also wants to help Governor Jan Brewer to defend the controversial Arizona immigration law from legal challenges.

Oh, and she is in the Rush Limbaugh camp of speculating that the BP oil leak may have been caused by a Obama/Greenpeace joint operation. "BP has done some 5,000 drills like this, there were no accidents, we are not even sure whether this was an accident or act of sabotage. That needs to be investigated."

And that's more Taitz news than is fit to print.


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