Orly Taitz Suggests that Chuck DeVore is Corrupt

Orly Taitz speaks at CRA, where evil Chuck DeVore and Damon Dunn also spoke.
Orly Taitz speaks at CRA, where evil Chuck DeVore and Damon Dunn also spoke.
Christopher Victorio / OC Weekly

Irvine State Assemblyman

Chuck DeVore

has seen his U.S. Senate run criticized for being futile because of DeVore's pretty-far-to-the-right policy stances. 

But maybe the guy's electable after all.

Following a

Los Angeles Times

story quoting a representative for

DeVore calling the antics of Laguna Niguel's Dr. Orly Taitz "crazy,"

Taitz today posted a note

on her blog

suggesting that there's a conspiracy among California GOP candidates for office. DeVore, Bay-Area congressional candidate

John Dennis


Damon Dunn

--Taitz's rival for the Republican nomination for California Secretary of State--have all appeared at the same events. They have all criticized Taitz. Hence...

That is a totally disgusting behavior, which you would expect from corrupt politicians... Until they issue an apology, I am asking all of my supporters not to vote for them.

DeVore's gonna miss her support.

In other Taitz news, last week she saw her Taitz v. Obama lawsuit dismissed by a Washington, D.C. judge. She threatened the Los Angeles Times with a Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) lawsuit. She filed a motion asking a judge to reconsider his dismissal of her attempt to get in on the multi-state anti-healthcare-reform suit. And we spotted her at an OC GOP meeting. Keeping busy, that Dr. Taitz.

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