Orly Taitz Seeks Help From Cyberstalking Florist

Is a crazed former

Orly Taitz

patient who may be violent, used to be a lawyer, is now a florist, may need boner pills, may or may not be from the Valley, more than likely resides in Lake Forest or Coto de Caza, and goes by the nickname "Foggy" when he is not going by the nickname "Captain Cock" stalking the dentist/lawyer/real-estate saleswoman/birther queen?

The latest chatter at orlytaitzesq.com would indicate "yes" to the stalking claim, cyber- or otherwise.

And, in light of the recent Arizona massacre, Taitz would like her web-savvy followers to help her find this mad man "so he can be referred to a psychiatrist and so that he can get help that he needs."

Orly Taitz Seeks Help From Cyberstalking Florist
Photo of Orly Taitz by John Gilhooley

Photo of Orly Taitz by John Gilhooley

"This man is mentally unstable," the Aliso Viejo resident writes in her

most recent Foggy post

. "Look at his ramblings. The name he got for himself 'Captain Cock.' This man sounds like he suffers from some type of psychosis, from some sexual mental dysfunction mixed with potential violence. Why would you want to hide this man's identity? You've seen what a crazy man did in Arizona. Do you want something like this on your conscience? Please, disclose this man's name."

Comments left to the post range from someone accusing Taitz of violating patient-disclosure laws to a fan outing a Lake Forest florist--by name--as being "Foggy."

Clue No. 1: "A number of Obots congregate with him there and in a local coffee shop."

The plot, birthday bouquet and mocha java thicken!

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