Orly Taitz Bombards Media; Media Says 'Get a Life'

First, a copy-paste:

Please contact USA today and demand that they provide the readers with info about January 26 trial. If they refuse, report them to FCC, as defrauding the public in connection to elections

That's right, folks: On her blog,

Dr. Orly Taitz

says that

USA Today

would be committing a crime ignoring her.

It's part of Taitz's new campaign to annoy random reporters across the country.

The Laguna Niguel dentist, lawyer and anti-Obama "birther" sent out an e-mail blast to thousands of news outlets last week, telling them about the Jan. 26 trial scheduled for her lawsuit Barnett v. Obama (the one filed in Santa Ana, the one with the judge that's currently considering a motion to dismiss it).

Now, she has taken to posting each and every auto-reply she received in response to the e-mail. Included among the outlets responding are hard-hitting investigative zines like Southern Living and Total Gospel!

Some of the responses she has published aren't just automatically generated; they're e-mails from frayed employees of media companies. One called her a "putz."  The first reply Taitz posted was from Yolanda Simonsis at Penton.org (the website of an advertising firm):

Get a life and stop wasting our tax dollars on ridiculous lawsuits. Maybe the country should sue you.

Taitz's response:

Dear Yolanda Simonsis from penton.com
I am fighting, so pinheads like you will have a freedom of speech and a freedom of information and a real transparency in government, and will not be sent to a FEMA camp at Fairbanks Alaska for re-education based on orders of Maoist Anita Dunn and her boss Kenyan Communist Dictator Obama

The FEMA labor camp rumors from earlier this year? Yeah, they're not dead.

I'm a little sad I wasn't on Taitz's listserv. I used to be. Hmm. At least we've had face time.

It's not like all journalists are unsympathetic to her cause. Our own Orange County Register graced her with a profile this past week. Its headline? "Orly Taitz: natural-born litigator." Funny, you'd think a natural-born litigator would win a case once in her life -- or at least not be facing $20,000 in judicial sanctions.


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