Dentists are doctors, right?
Dentists are doctors, right?
John Gilhooley / OC Weekly

Orly Taitz Attempts to Take Over Attorneys' General Challenge to Health-Care Reform

Apparently encouraged by all the attention she received after amending her Taitz v. Obama complaint earlier this week to whack the health-care reform bill (before it was even signed into law!), Orly Taitz, the Queen of the Birthers, has filed a motion to become the Queen of the Health-Care Lawsuits.

Yesterday, a D.C. court docketed the Laguna Niguel dentist's motion asking to consolidate the much-publicized lawsuit of 13 state attorneys general against the health-care reform act with her own lawsuit, which was originally filed to challenge the president's eligibility for office.

As the Politijab birther-lover who notified us of this latest action points out, Taitz may have, for the first time ever, committed a legal error and filed in the wrong court. She filed her "Motion to the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation" not with Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, but rather with the federal judge Royce Lamberth, who Taitz was hoping would hear her challenge to Barack Obama's "fraudulent" social security numbers. 

Perhaps Taitz takes heart in the fact that Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, one of the fed-suers with whom she seeks to collaborate, flirted with birtherism earlier this month.

One eloquent passage: 

At the end it might be a stroke of providence that this unconstitutional bill was signed into law by an ineligible President, and that these responsive pleadings were submitted for consideration only a few days before the day of the ancient holiday of Passover, which celebrates freedom from bondage and usurpation.

Read the entire filing from "Lady Liberty" below:
TAITZ v OBAMA (QW) - 17 - First MOTION to Consolidate Cases by ORLY TAITZ - gov.uscourts.dcd.140567.17.0


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