Orange County's Obama-Deniers Keep On Keeping On

The Mission Viejo Dispatch has an item today about local dentist Dr. Orly Taitz. You might remember her as an associate of Alan Keyes and Weekly interviewee Wiley Drake in their lawsuit trying to prove that Barack Hussein Obama isn't technically qualified to be president. Now, Taitz, claiming to represent more than 100 members of the armed forces, has filed a petition with members of congress to issue some subpoenas to some pretty big names: Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates and those pesky academics behind

More interesting is Taitz's blog, which has the same wide-eyed, copy-paste eau de right-wing terror as the average Barbara Coe missive. Most recently, she posted a crestfallen letter sent by some fellow freedom-defenders to the honorable Rep. Ron Paul:

Being a long time supporter of yours (monetarily since 2001 and as the first person to start a "Ron Paul Meetup" in 2007) I have always admired your principled and unwavering stance on matters pertaining to the Constitution for the United States...

That is why I am at such a loss in trying to understand when I hear that you refused to sign on to this effort to prove to America and the world that at least some members of the United States Congress still have even a shred of attachment to the Constitution and their oath of office, by which they swore to uphold it against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

It's sad: Not even Ron Paul, patron saint of black-helicopter constitutionalist nutcasery will give this crowd the time of day. Maybe the dentist and her friends will get some traction later this month in Irvine when all those tax-deniers and 9/11 truthers get together and learn about about tooth-decay.


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