Gemma "A Big Knife" Ramirez
Gemma "A Big Knife" Ramirez

Orange County's Batshit Crazy Girlfriend of the Month! Congratulations Gemma Ramirez!

I don't know for certain because I can't find him to ask, but I'm guessing that Michael Jump regrets that he ever began dating and then sharing an apartment with Gemma Jayde Ramirez of Costa Mesa.

Jump and Ramirez had been dating for about six months in 2008 when she got him arrested and hauled off to jail for allegedly pulling a knife on her.

There's reason to believe she fabricated the story against Jump just to be . . . well . . . Satanic.

When Jump returned to the apartment after his release from custody he told Ramirez he wanted to break up and so she did what every normal, healthy person would do: she went outside, collapsed in the street and began screaming hysterically.

Eventually he got her back into the apartment, told her he was tired of arguing and went to bed.

This was a terrible mistake only a doomed character in a horror flick would make before his grotesque demise.

At some point during the night, Jump awoke to find "a butcher's knife protruding from his chest" and his batshit crazy girlfriend standing over him, according to court records.

"You are never going to leave me," she told him.

"Don't ever leave me 'cause I'd find you!"
"Don't ever leave me 'cause I'd find you!"

With blood pouring from his chest, Jump removed the plunged weapon, grabbed the woman to prevent her from using the knife again and ran to a telephone to dial 911.

A 2010 Orange County jury convicted Ramirez of attempted murder and Superior Court Judge James Patrick Marion** sentenced her to visit a California prison.

Ramirez appealed, claiming that police violated her constitutional rights by entering the apartment without a warrant. She also said her defense lawyer had been incompetent because he didn't adequately blame her actions on Battered Women's Syndrome (BWS).

But this week a California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana considered and rejected her arguments. According to a three-justice appellate panel, officers had a "reasonable basis" to enter the apartment to see if anyone else had been injured given the existence of a blood trail inside the unit. They also weren't impressed by the BWS assertion.

Upshot: Ramirez's prison visit will last nine years and then, oh man, she's back with us in society.

(**Marion, one of Orange County's best Superior Court judges, died last July at the age of 58.)

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