Orange County Supes Authorize Appeal in Pension Case

This just in from the County CEO office:

Supervisors Appeal Decision in Pension Case 


By a 4 to 1 vote, the Orange County Board of Supervisors today authorized an appeal of a Los Angeles County Superior Court decision in the County's challenge of a retroactive pension increase granted to many County peace officers. This pension plan, often referred to as "3% at 50," became effective in 2002.

If the County's legal position is upheld, it is estimated the County would save at least $187 million in future pension costs. The County also believes its legal position is strong and a final decision on the issues in this case can best be obtained through an appeal. 

There are two significant constitutional issues involved in the County's appeal. One centers on the granting of a retroactive compensation increase, while the other deals with debt limitation provisions found in the California Constitution. There are no previous Court of Appeal or State Supreme Court cases that specifically interpret these constitutional provisions as they relate to the case. 


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