Orange County Supervisors Declare Amnesty for Illegals

Orange County Supervisors Declare Amnesty for Illegals

Thanks to a bold, precedent-setting initiative approved in March by the Orange County Board of Supervisors, an amnesty period for illegals began today that allows the undocumented to fill out the required paperwork to reside legally within county lines. Hurry: May 15 is the deadline.

And here's a hot tip to save big on filing fees: get sterilized.

Snip-snip, thank you ma'am!

Check that: what the board adopted March 2 was an amnesty for dogs, not people. Because that would be silly. Showing compassion to human beings? Pfft. How retarded.

Under the program, through May 15, dog owners in the 17 cities and unincorporated areas served by OC Animal Care can renew the expired licenses of their pooches or obtain new licenses with no worry of late fees or extra charges. 

"OC Animal Care wants to be sensitive to dog owners experiencing financial hardship," says Ryan Drabek, interim director for OC Animal Care.

To be crystal clear, Drabek and his agency want to be sensititve to dog owners experiencing financial hardships, not undocumented human beings who find themselves in tight spots.

Whew! That was a close one. Go on, Ryan . . .

"It is our goal, through this program, to ensure more pets are returned to their owners when the unfortunate happens."

About 97 percent of the animals impounded by OC Animal Care that are wearing tags are returned to their owners, according to the agency.

Ironically, about 97 percent of the undocumented wearing crosses are praying that they don't get deported.

As for their views on discounts-for-sterility, that's unclear because Clockwork don't speak-a the dishwasher-a.

Oh, you wanted to learn more about that from OC Animal Care?


The agency will allow owners unaltered pets to pay the discounted fees during the amnesty period so long as they submit proof that Fido become a falsetto within two weeks of licensing.

Licenses can be purchased online at, by telephone at (714) 935-6848, or in-person at OC Animal Care, 561 The City Drive South, Orange, CA 92868.


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