Orange County Rescue Mission Needs Donors to Dig Deeper This Summer

The Orange County Rescue Mission is seeking $300,000 more in contributions because of a 25 percent increase in the number of people seeking assistance this summer.

Last summer, the nonprofit says it served approximately 3,396 individuals. This summer, it's shot up to 4,476 souls seeking services.

"Summer is always a hard time for the Rescue Mission as holiday giving has ended, there are no school drives, but demand for services remains very high," explains president Jim Palmer, in a plea sent by the nonprofit. "We are hearing that many businesses are getting stronger throughout Orange County, and are therefore hoping that people will be able to reach a bit deeper and share what they can."

Utilizing biblical principles in its programs such as relationships, finance and parenting, the Orange County Rescue Mission last year provided more than one million meals to the needy and more than 700,000 other units of service in the form of clothing, transportation, bed nights, medical assistance, job training, etc.

The Rescue Mission does not take government funding, relying solely on donations. To help, visit


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