Orange County Republican exposes Communist China caper!

Chuck DeVore, the Orange County Republican state assemblyman who is determined to challenge Barbara Boxer, one of California's two Democratic U.S. senators, in the 2010 election today alleged a conspiracy between certain Democratic politicians, Hollywood stars and Chinese communist operatives.

According to DeVore, a onetime aide to ex-Congressman Christopher Cox (R-Newport Beach) and the co-author of a China-related spy novel, the alliance formed for financial reasons (or worse) to block next week's symbolic legislative vote for the Dalai Lama and Tibet Awareness Day.

Part of DeVore's concern stems from: "A number of the Democrat lawmakers trying to block [the awareness day] have recently enjoyed junkets to China and have dined at the home of the PRC's Consul General in San Francisco," he wrote at

He doesn't name names in the junket business and he's oddly mum on George Bush's pronounced kindness to Communist China interests, but slams Bill Clinton's trade agreements with them, and opines that Hollywood has been kissing commie booty since 1997, the last time, according to DeVore, the U.S. film industry produced movies that accurately depict the red menace in films such as Kundun, Seven Years in Tibet and Red Corner.

Since then, wrote DeVore, "Hollywood is performing self-censorship, ever mindful of offending the Chinese Communist Party and risking a cut-off of a growing goldmine."

He said that learning that Chinese operatives "are sparing no effort to influence a vote in Sacramento should come as no surprise to anyone who has more than a passing interest in the emerging Asian superpower." 

A commie target? DeVore says he's one. In May, the Chinese government "sent me a letter . . . telling me to cease being concerned about basic human rights in the world's most populous nation. It closed with a warning that my actions might hurt the feelings of the Chinese people."

His response? The Chinese government is "an insecure colossus: hyper-sensitive, moody, and quick to deploy diplomatic, economic or military muscle to silence critics of all stripes."  

But rest easy, OC. DeVore, an Irvine-based politician, assured his fans that he won't yield to the anti-freedom loving crowd, whether in Hollywood, Beijing or the California Democratic Party.

And in corporate America too?

Yep. DeVore says the the communists are also "enlisting U.S. corporations to do their bidding."

Hey. Wait a minute! 

This is beginning to sound similar to the description of DeVore's 2000 book, China Attacks: "an exciting, entertaining, yet informative novel that explores the international politics that may be leading the world to war . . . and posits a riveting scenario of catastrophic conflict as superpowers collide [leading] the reader through deception, betrayal, brutality and triumph."

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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