Orange County Register Readers Meet Their Nuttier Competition


It appears Orange County Register readers watch the Channel 4 news. Or, at least, some of the comments left on KNBC's online version of a breaking story about a man committing suicide this morning on the altar of Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove read as if they could have been lifted from

From FEMA's in charge: "You better be scared. Anyone not purchasing a firearm for personal protection is kidding themselves to the dire situation that America WILL be faced with. We have seen nothing yet. Read about the 600 'internment' camps which America is currently arming and staffing for the civil unrest that is about to take place. We are in trouble America and your government will NOT be your friend. 10% unemployment? Laughable. Try 60-75%. Riots, starvation, civil unrest and martial law. This isn't science fiction. This is the future of America. Why do you think they want every civilian American's weapons? They want you all to lay down like little cowards and offer no resistance to their orders. Without Americans spending freely as they have the last 15 years, the government's tax revenue will fall to unsustainable amounts. Welfare and Social Security will be UNABLE to feed or care for the poor which will in turn cause rioting, looting and race wars. The haves will be protecting their life and property from the poor hungry tribes. Good luck. This is reality."

August: "Once the Crystal Palace taps you for every cent you have the only thing left is your life; looks like they got that, too." [NOTE: I believe August means Crystal Cathedral and not the late Buck Owen's ripping restaurant and club in Bakersfield. Come to think of it, I have dropped a lot of cents at the Crystal Palace...]

CCRidah: "I suggest to everyone to make this your motto 'keep moving' - times are so bad and getting worse that u can't dilly dally anywhere--mall, market, bank--without being at risk of getting in a holdup, standoff or other dire situation. Folks, we are in a depression; admit it and realize there are two societies now: the haves (those with jobs, property, savings) and the have nots (jobless, homeless, 3-4 part time jobbers without benefits, etc.) that all must be careful, compassionate and patient. If people are going berserk at a church, what the hell isn't off limits?"

Today's commenters to this story over at the Register are much more tame in comparison.

This just in, from KABC/Channel 7 Eyewitness News online commenters:

I'm Nemo: "I guess he was anxious to meet God."

Rosass99: "What did the suicide note say? 'Sorry, I voted for OBAMA'?...may he R.I.P."

Skid909: "How did this go from a tragic suicide to Obama?"

Bono872: "Too many idiots in the world, that's how."


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