Orange County Ranks #1 in CA for Swine Flu Deaths

It is always heart-warming to see one's county first in something. Though when it's something as terrifying--though not really--as swine flu, you can't help feeling even more proud. According to the Associated Press, Orange County, with our gargantuan total of 5 deaths, ranks as the number one county for swine flu deaths in California. Take that LA County!  

To further add to our prestige, the county has also reported 387 cases of the deadly disease. It's great to see that at this current time, there is still something other that Michael Jackson's deaths that will grab people's attentions.  

Health officials have said that the main thing to do is to wash your hands, stay home from school or work if you're feeling sick, and cover your mouth if you're coughing. Amazing, that is such a health revelation, it's a wonder more people have not done it sooner. It will be curious to see if these steps will cure the 290 people who are projected to die from breast cancer this year in Orange County. Somehow, that's highly doubtful. 

So to jump on the media-scare-tactic boat, when you go to the OC Fair this week, stay away from the pigs and BBQ ribs, for safety purposes.

P.S. To make you feel better, that Harry Potter star, Rupert Grint, also had swine flu and he's still alive and kicking. "But it was just like any other flu, really. I had a sore throat and I went to bed for a few days," he said in a London Press conference. So if you're feeling faint, do what he did: just take lots of fluids and get some sleep.  


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