Orange County Labor Federation Keeps Protests Rolling

The Register has reported yet another protest against the banking industry was held at the Chase branch located on Lincoln Ave. and Harbor Blvd. in Anaheim yesterday.

The group of approximately 75 people, organized by the Orange County Labor Federation, rallied outside the branch carrying signs decrying the country's economic situation and the banks' role in it.

City council member Lorri Galloway, was on hand to lend support to the event and delivered what Register writer Eric Carpenter referred to as a "fiery speech."

Two protesters, also Chase members, entered the bank to close accounts. Though Anaheim police confirm no arrests were made, the two refused to leave until police were called. 

Federation Communication Director Priscilla Luviano explained the group was happy with how the event went and said future actions at OC banks are planned. She added that the group will also lend its support to Occupy Orange County at its protest in Irvine on Saturday. "We're tired of banks and corporations not doing anything to help the economy. We're demanding banks stop charging unnecessary fees and create jobs."

The Orange County Labor Federation was founded in 1920 and currently represents 140,000 workers from more than 90 local unions. This protest comes at a time when groups across the country have been organizing in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement.



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