Some Orange County daredevils at The Wedge in Balboa.
Some Orange County daredevils at The Wedge in Balboa.
Photo by Keith May/OC Weekly

Orange County is the No. 8 U.S. City (???) When It Comes to Seeking Thrills

Before we begin, know that online marketplace LivingSocial thinks Orange County is a city, which is fine with me as long as PayPal can't figure out where to send my bills for purchases. The reason the wrong municipal designation is key is because it has landed this great big county of ours at No. 8 when it comes to LivingSocial's list of the top cities for thrill seekers in the U.S.

Here's how we wound up there. LivingSocial looked at which cities and states in the nation had purchases of "the most adventurous deals and escapes" this year, such as race-car driving, hot-air ballooning, flying lessons, rock climbing, long distance run entries, surfing and diving.

When all was said and sweat out, Philadelphia wound up No. 1, but California was the top state as it is home to the second, third and eighth place cities (San Diego, Los Angeles and that City of Orange County).

The top 10 cities in order:

1. Philadelphia 2. San Diego 3. LA 4. Denver 5. Washington, D.C. 6. Chicago 7. Atlanta 8. Orange County 9. Miami 10. Phoenix

So many Voice Media Group cities there, eh? Wonder what that means? Do we get shiny new helmets?

Anyway, the top five thrilling-seeking states are:

1. California 2. Pennsylvania 3. Colorado 4. Illinois 5. Georgia

The top four adventure deals all involved water, according to LivingSocial:

1. Kayaking 2. Deep-sea fishing 3. Whitewater rafting 4. Twilight fishing

Twilight fishing is a thrill? Only while riding a shark.

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