Orange County Film Society Members Let in to Let Me In and Q&A with Director Matt Reeves

You can hang out with yours truly tonight, and it'll only cost you $99. No, my escort fees have not tripled. I'm moderating tonight's discussion with

Matt Reeves

after the

Orange County Film Society

screening of the


director's latest chiller,

Let Me In

, at the Regency Lido in Newport Beach.

Here's the poster:

Orange County Film Society Members Let in to Let Me In and Q&A with Director Matt Reeves

So, why is it $99 for the Matt & Matt Show? Well, OCFS events are not open to the public. But they are free to members who ponied up the $99 annual membership fee. Therefore, your $99 will not just get you in to see Reeves, yours truly and Let Me In, but advanced screenings over the next year of six to eight films before their wide releases, eight tickets to the Newport Beach Film Festival and advance notice about other special events. The OCFS membership page explains it all and links you to the sign-up form.

Based on the award-winning Swedish novel and film Låt den rätte komma in (Let Me Back In), the story follows a lonely, bullied 12-year-old boy whose parents are going through a bitter divorce. He spends his alone time plotting revenge against his tormentors before befriending a mysterious girl who moves into his complex. They bond with one another, but there is something strange about the girl, who only comes out during the dark of night. When the boy discovers why, they grow even closer.

When I told a colleague who'd seen Låt den rätte komma in about tonight's Let Me In screening with Reeves, she replied, "I hope he didn't screw it up." We'll find out tonight.

At 12:01 a.m. Friday, the AMC Fullerton, Krikorian Buena Park, Century Stadium in Orange, AMC 30 at the Block of Orange and Edwards Long Beach present the next earliest Orange County showings of Let Me In after the OCFS event. The movie opens wide throughout the county later that day.


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