Orange County Clergy Goes Hollywood for Obamacare

Yes, the people popping up everywhere to disrupt explanations of Obamacare by congress people and administration folk seldom get covered these days. A favorite was two days ago on CNN, when the anchorwoman cut to such a town hall where a U.S. senator was detailing the plan. Without hanging in long enough so viewers could figure out what the senator was explaining about the plan, CNN cut back to the doe-eyed newscaster, who said she'd check back in should "something happen." In other words, learning something about the health-care plan is not news but disrupting someone explaining it is.

Hopefully, there will be no such disruptions when clergy and faith leaders from the Orange County Congregation Community Organization (OCCCO) pop up at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Hollywood this morning to talk about health-care reform.

Unless they want national coverage, that is. 

The OCCCO joins members of faith groups around the country trying to ratchet up pressure on Congress to pass comprehensive health-care reform legislation this year. According to a statement from the organization: "With the future of health-care reform legislation on the line during the August congressional recess, OCCCO faith leaders are making it clear that religious voters see health reform as a moral issue, and will hold their Members of Congress responsible for how well they look out for the lives of people in Orange County and not just special interests."

Guess that explains why the Orange County faith leaders are leaving Orange County to press the issue. Rallies around the country are expected to reach the ears of 100 Members of Congress. The jury's out on the national media. The fun begins at 10 a.m. at the church, 6657 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood. Just look for the clergy in collars and signs saying, "No Recess for Reform."


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