Orange Coast Community College Student From Jordan Busted For Alleged Stockpile of Child Pornography

A California grand jury has indicted a 26-year-old Jordanian student at Orange Coast Community College in Costa Mesa for suspected possession of 2,029 images of child pornography on his computer.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) arrested Ohanes Hamparsoum Haladjian after an undercover operation allegedly found that he used several Internet file-sharing services--including Ares Galaxy, Bishonen and Limewire--to collect nude pictures of prepubescent children, minors engaged in sex and adults raping kids, according to a DHS report.

Investigators say they found Haladjian had stored computer files such as "gay boy college dude [screws] his little brother," "black man [screwing] a cute 10-year-old boy," "11-year-old kids having sex" and "11-year-old boy & dog."

Haladjian--who is in the United States on a student visa, is represented by a public defender and is out of custody on a $10,000 bond--has not yet formally pleaded a response to the allegations.

He potentially faces a lengthy prison trip if convicted on the distribution, transportation and possession of child porn charges.

Until the case is resolved, a U.S. District Court magistrate ordered Haladjian to surrender his Jordanian passport and not to travel outside the area, use drugs, associate with anyone under the of 18, go within 100 feet of a school or park, or use a computer except for educational purposes at the college.

No future hearing dates have been set, according to records inside the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse in Santa Ana.

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