Orange-Based TV/Film Production Prez Launches His Own Blog


Todd Yates, the president of Gear Monkey, an Orange-based, full-service TV, film and infomercial production facility, has started a new blog dedicated to his business. The latest Behind the Orange Curtain post asks, "Where Did the Work Go?" in reference to this shitty economy.

"I don't know of any business in our industry that has not been affected, many significantly, by the current, unprecedented crisis," Yates writes. "In the current economic environment, the phrase 'runaway production' has become an understatement. The production is gone and we will now have to battle to get it back."

He's also dealt with "techie" topics, whether Blu-Ray is dead yet and how change is not only sweeping the country but his business. One change, Yates says, is the "almost epidemic use of the Internet based video ad campaigns," including JC Penny's "Welcome to the Doghouse" spot above that never hit the broadcast airwaves.


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